Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I wanna make a web comic!

I do. I really really do!
But there are so many problems to overcome, and when I think of them, I get all sad inside.
What's my comic going to be about? Some people that hang out? Monkies? Robots? Will it be realistic? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Just oddball?
See? Crazy ass choices. And can I avoid all the clichés? Basically I'm starting out with two guys. Thats right, a buddy comedy. Which, as you would guess, is about as cliché as it gets. The thing is is that it works, and for the humour I want to do it fits best.
Okay, so now we have a very vague outline of what my comic is. But who are these buddies and what do they do?
Do the sit around and play video games? FUCK NO! The interent web comic community has beaten that goddam horse so bad that you'd swear is was brown Jello. How about D&D geek humour? Naw. It hasn't been beaten to Jello, but its getting there. So I'd say I'm safe with starting it out as just two people who do shit.
Are they roomies? Thats an easy out. You don't have to keep explaining why one is always at the other's house if they're roomates. Also I hate it when people just walk into other people's houses. Like on sit-coms where they just barge through the door. That drives me bugfuck. Knock you asshats.
Okay so maybe they're roomates. How old are they? What do they do? School? Jobs? Unemployed? Urrnnnn.... I dunno. Just out of school with jobs. And none of that office humour shit. "Oh, I sit in a cubicle and my computer crashes!" Fuck off. Hard manual labour, thats what they do. I'll probably make one a shipper/receiver because thats what I do so at least I'll know what I'm talking about.
Who are they? With a buddy comedy thats easy. Funny guy and straight man. Maybe a bit broader than that, but its a start. Neither of them will be a representation of myself. I'm saving myself for the hillarious pirate character.
And I have to think up names. Ugh. Uhhh.... Neil and.... err... Okay, we'll hammer that out later.
And what of adventures will they get up to? I've got many a plot-line in my head so I'm okay right there. The problem is one of the best ones is VERY Canadian-centric and the last thing I need is to have nobody read my comic because they're American and don't understand why Jean Chrétien trying to over-throw Paul Martin with the aid of the reserected John A. McDonald is funny. And it is funny. Hoo-boy.
And what kind of humour? High-brow. Intelligent. We're talking Wayne and Shuster here, folks. And as many puns as I can think up. No crass-stoner shit in MY comic.
And if I DO make my comic, how often do I want to update it? 3 times a week? Daily? Scary stuff. I have to pick my schedule and STICK to it, or else I'll look like a putz.
How do I draw it? No sprite or cut and paste stuff. Ugh. I'm thinking of hand drawn, and then scanned, cleaned up and publish.
And finally:
What the hell do I call it?
I have no idea.

This is only scratching the serfice. Think think think.

-Jeff, sitting in the dark because his light bulbs blew.


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