Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I love snow.
Its snowing outside right now. A beautiful drifting light dusting kind of snow. The snow that covers everything in a few centemeters of glorious whiteness and hides the dirt and grime of the city. The big fluffy flakes that seem to absorb sound and make the world so quiet and peaceful.
Maybe tomorrow morning the trees will have all iced over, and their branches will be awe inspiring sticks, frozen in glass, mesmerizing me as I pass by. Hopefully it will turn into packing snow and I'll make a snow ball, smoothed down to the most perfect circle that I can manage, which I will then throw high into the air and watch as it makes a round dent in the ground.

And then I'll get to work and have to listen to all of the Ass Hats that hate the snow. Ass Hats. How can you hate snow?

And then the snow will start to melt, and it will turn into brown sludge. The sidewalks and roads will be stained slate grey by salt. I'll get water in my shoes and slip on ice.

The earth looks its best when its covered in snow!

-Jeff, snow lovin' Pirate


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