Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Elvis without his shoes would be dissuaded

Sorry about that, I'm reading Callahan's Lady. Howsabout... A stoner that's decided to go sober would be disjointed. A man with no fiber in his diet is deregulated... A skined animal is deferred... When Robert's phone line was disconected he became discombobulated... Okay, I'll stop.

Incidently my girlfriend actually picked up the book and finished it before me. I'll have her hooked on Spider yet!

The real reason I write this is to tell you that I can never ever be sick and stay home from work again. Apparently 8 women can't do my job and quite frankly, it makes me feel kind of special.
The reason is that they don't know how to use my brand spankin' new electic pump lift. Its a pretty terrible excuse considering they could have just use the regular hand-jack with one person pulling and a couple people pushing. (You remember the ramp, right?) Luckily my district manager, Ray, showed up and was able to bring the skids up. Hurray for Ray!
Also whilest I was away hacking my head off, the daily on-hands (inventory counts) were not done in the back room. but thats no big deal.
So Tina has requested a crach corse in electric-pumpery so that she may do my job in the event that I'm not there.
Well, thats enough about work.

Hey kids! Go over to ScummVM and download Flight of the Amazon Queen and Beneath a Steel Sky for FREE! Flight of the Amazon Queen is a pretty good adventure game. A bit too easy, but I'm having fun playing it. Haven't started Beneath a Steel Sky yet, but I'm sure its damn fine.
I want to make another adventure game. I'm just a-itchin' for it! All I need is a good idea. I'd LOVE to do a D'Shai-based adventure game! But I'd need a bunch of people to help... at least one writer, a few artists, and a competent programmer. And myself to be motivated enough to stick to such a huge project. So I'll stick to somehting small and fun.

Thats about it.
Oh- I read today that they're inventing a closet that can check your schedule and the temperature outside and tell you what you should wear. This can also be acheived, for much less money, with sticky-notes and a thermometer outside your window. Sheesh.

-Jeff, slightly icky sicky pirate.


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