Thursday, February 17, 2005

This is all really funny. In a sick sort of way.

I was browsin' the news over at Daily Rotten and came across a news article stating that a boy who played the GTA games stole a car and killed three people. Now the relatives of the victims are suing Wal-Mart, Sony, Gamestop, and Take Two interactive stating: "What has happened in Alabama is that four companies participated in the training of Devin ... to kill three men". The boy was 17 when he bought the games, and such is a major premise of the lawsuit against stores.

Now, lets look at another fine example of Boys, GTA, and Wal-Mart:

Last weekend I found myself in the Wal-Mart electronics section. A young boy, no older than 10, was instructed by his Aunt to find a game. The boy could not find one he liked, so the Aunt pointed at GTA 3 and said: "What about that one? Do you like that?" The boy paused for a moment, looked at the game and said "But... its got swearing in it. You don't want me to play that, do you?" The Aunt replied, "Well, do you like the game or not? I'll buy it for you." This poor boy was now in total disbelief. He must have thought it was some kind of trap, and repeated his bit about how the game had swearing in it, and he shouldn't play it. The Aunt insisted that since she knows he's played it before, that he likes it, and that they'll buy it. The boy picks up the game box and they wander away.
Now you might say that maybe it's okay because it was his Aunt, and she doesn't realize exactly what the game is. BUT... a few scant seconds later I hear the boy in the next Isle over saying: "Mommy, is it... okay if I get this game?" The mother says sure.
And I've seen this so many times it hurts. Hell, one of my co-workers bought GTA Vice City for her son's 12th birthday. I've seen parents walk up to the counter, little child in tow, trying to buy some violent game for their kid and the STORE CLERK talks them out of it.
"See the giant M on the box? That means the game isn't for kids."
"Its not?"
"No, it has violence and swearing and adult situations."
"I didn't know that."
At which point the clerk probably thinks: "REALLY? You couldn't tell that by all the guns, gangsters, and half-naked women on the fucking box?"
Of course the Clerks just don't want the parents comming back, yelling and screaming, that they sold such a terrible game to a child.

Can we start slapping lawsuits down on these parents? Please?

Side note:
GTA is bo-ring. I don't like it much. Sure, its fun to run around and steal cars, but I hate doing the missions, and I hate being a mobster-guy.
Give me an open-ended GTA style game and make me a person killing bad people, and I'd like it.
Ooohh.... A Boondock Saints game!


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