Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Goin' down to America!

HELLO! Apparently my cousin actual reads my blogs and I've been informed to update so HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
At the moment I am a bit of a sleepy kitten. Mel and I are getting all ready to go to her grandparents' farm down in someplace near Saratoga. Saratoga is named after Sara, the woman who discoverd the area. She was wearing a toga at the time.
We're a tad frightend that we might up and have us some problems at the border, but hopefully it'll all go well. It will be a rather long trip, taking us from 9 in the morning to 6 at night, and then another hour to get driven to the farm. I've been down there once before, and I must say it is truely a marvolous and beautiful place, and I am looking forward to it quite alot!
I don't know what I'll do on the ride down.
Maybe I'll finally finish reading 'Time enough for love' by Robert A. Heinlein. That sounds like a plan. My drawing stuff will be accompanying me as well, so between reading, sleeping, drawing, and staring out the window, I should have enough to do.
I should bring some music, too. Lately I've only been listening to Tom Waits. Seriously. I don't really find myself liking any of my other CDs. Its just Tom Waits, Tom Waits, and more Tom Waits.
Crazy town.

Well, here's to hoping all goes well!

-Jeff, soon to be in the land of the USAers.


Blogger elizabeth said...

Thanks Cousin,
Good to have the update!

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