Sunday, July 24, 2005

Its odd the things you find out on sunday mornings...

You know how stupid I am?

Very stupid.

Just over a year ago my Uncle David came visiting to my parents place. "Here Jeff," He said "I picked up this Drawing Tablet for $10 at some store that was closing. Its not pressure sensitive or anything and its kinda weird because you can only set it to act as a double-click left or a right click button." I asked him if it came with software and he told me "No, it was just in a bag. It did come with a disk with the drivers on it, so you won't have any problem installing it."
Odd, I thought, but I always wanted a tablet, so home it went. I set it up and sure enough found it weird due to the button limitations. So I basically didn't use it for just over a year.
A couple of days ago I thought 'Hey! Why don't I go on the internet and see if I can find some way of making that tablet less wonky."
So this morning I did.
And do you know what I found out? What I have is actually a rather nice fully-functional pressure sensitive pc drawing tablet. I just had it set up wrong. And now I'm having the time of my bloody life.
Its just like drawing by hand... BUT ON THE COMPUTER!

And that's one to grow on!


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