Monday, July 18, 2005

Work work work and such!

I have to go to work!
How terrible annoying. I really am beginning to absolutely hate my job. I thought my nice vacation would make it all better, but as soon as I came back from it, I was as cranky as ever.
That kind of rhymed. But enough about work!
Yesterday I went out and got some pizza for supper. I walked by a copy of the Toronto Sun newspaper. SEX SELLS! It proclaimed. In the smaller print it told of how teens are being suckered in to wearing sexier and skimpier clothes and how terrible that is. Of course the entire front page is festooned with pictures of teens in skimpy clothing. So there the newspaper goes just creating hype and using sex to sell it. In addition to this silliness on the very top of the paper was their barely-legal swim suit model and a blurb telling you to vote for the Sun calendar girls.
Yeah. Silly silly silly.
And since sex has never sold me on anything, I did not buy the paper.
I did, however, get this delightful 'Sour Apple Crush' drink, which I am drinking. YUM!
I am getting a bit ticked at the amount of crap like that (the sex, not the drink) popping up all over the place. My girlfriend likes the Baldar's Gate series on the PS2, but is somewhat put off by all the scantily clad ladies. Hel, I'm put off buy it. In one of the cut scenes the evil elf woman was pole dancing on her staff. I am not kidding. Pole Dancing. It was inane. Not to mention the completely unrealistic breast physics. Damn things bobbled around every time she blinked. Ugh.
Ah well.

Have another picture:


Blogger elizabeth said...

Yeah for 'Sour Apple Crush'. Nothing really to add. I could say "sex" because i hear it sells. Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by that's all

7:06 PM  

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