Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Its art time!

Last night I had my tablet out, but I couldn't think of anything to draw, so Mel says 'Draw me!'
I grumbled alot, saying that it'd be to hard to do because I'd have to be looking from her to the moniter which would make it real annoying. I grumbled more for a few minutes but finally started to draw. The whole time she was playing on the PS2 and kept moving around and whatnot but I managed.
So behold the finished piece:
Mel pointed out her ear was too far back, and she's right. But I'm not going to fix it because that would just be annoying. And I didn't draw her glasses.
So after I finished this I jokingly said 'Now you draw me!' Too which she actually said yes. She grabbed the tablet and began to draw. 'You can't look! And don't move around!' So I had to sit there with my eyes closed while she drew me.
SO BEHOLD:Now keep in mind this is the first time she's used the tablet. I think the picture is great! She managed too avoid the mistakes that people make when drawing profiles. With a little more practice she'd be doing awesome!
Shortly after she drew this I went and shaved most of my facial hair off. So now this picture doesn't look like me.

Ta ta!


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