Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pain, silly buttons, and a drawing.

At least I hope there's a drawing. I haven't drawn anything yet, so I'll probably get bored while typing this and go make a pretty picture. I think drawings make my entries extra special.

I'm in pain. We got 11 skids in today at work and my electric pump lift battery was out of magic go-juice, so I was forced to bring 7 out of the 11 ( 7 11? HA!) skids up that bloody ramp by non-electric-hand jack. I had help with a couple of them, but even with somebody pushing its really really painful. My arms are all sore.

You know the button up there that says 'Next Blog'? Its a silly button. Go ahead and click on it. It will take you to a random blog. But do you know what? You don't wanna see random blogs. They're scarey. If your reading a somebodies journal it's probably because you have some interest in this person or what they are talkind about, but you just get a random blog what are the bloody chances that you'll have even the remotest interest in whatever its about.
I find going to random blogs maked me feel like some kind of dirty voyeur. Like I'm prying in on people's lives or something. Ugh.
I also find most of the time I get A) A blog in a language I do not understand or B) Some kind of add gimmick. Like 'This is my blog! I'm in alaska! Go to alaska! Click here for info on Alaska!'. And that's all it says for 300 posts.
Once I got somebodies creepy domination sex fantasy blog.
I bleached my eyes all night.

Oh... Hel. Haven't drawn it yet. Gis' us a min.
There! Done!
Here's a picture of me and my electric pump lift:
I haven't even seen 2001! Can you believe that?
Incedently my Electric Pump Lifts real name is Kenny Baker.
I called it that because sometimes it wobbles around like R2 D2. You know, that scene when R2 is tied up outside the Jawas' sand crawler. Yeah. Just like that.


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