Sunday, August 28, 2005

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Yeah. I was gonna write something but now I don't fell very writey.
Hmmm... Bars suck. They're loud and full of people. I do not see how anyone can possibly enjoy going to them.
I went to one yesterday to see the band my brother is in play. Music good. Atmosphere BAD.
And I don't drink. And I didn't know anyone there. But at least the music rocked.

AnOtHeR thing I'm sick of is anime comics. Little fucking 14 year olds making wannabe manga shit. I can't take it anymore. Even well drawn manga shit I ignore. Its everywhere. Invent your own art styles you hacks. All these stupid beaverdam comics with their fucking chibi-buggy-eyed flailing limbs or effeminet boys or fucking furries.
OHGODOHGOD don't get me started on the goddam furries.
And random comics. Like thats the thing to be. Its cool.
OMFG MY COMIC IS RANDOM! No, its just not reliant on continuing story. Do you see Gary Larson saying his comic is RANDOM XD!!!!!111!!ONEONE? No you don't.

Tried feveresheleyseverfderl to find some of my old web pages, but ALAS! They are all long dead. Just thought it'd be funny to see them one... last.... time....

I think I'm very depressed at the moment.


Blogger elizabeth said...

well cuz, i am today is eventful. its my first time able to use my own computer seen arriving in Japan so therefore my first chance to post.
can't comment on the bar thing, since i've never been to one.
and i can't really say anything about anime because i am in the land of anime. but its much different then i expected.

1:37 AM  

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