Sunday, September 25, 2005

The haunting of the food bag.

We used to have pet rats. Seven of them to be exact. Quite adorable little creatures, very smart and clean. Rats only live about 3 years or less and a number months ago the last one past on. Then, about a month or two later Mel said she heard some odd noises comming from the kitchen. There was bag of rat food was still sitting in there, on a shelf, and it seemed that the noises were comming from it. We both investigated thinking that maybe that some bugs got in it or if the noise was just comming from somewhere else. Walking over we found that the bag was indeed the source of the noise, and whats more, sounded exactly like a small animal eating. I picked up the bag and looked inside. There was no movement, nor was there hole that any insect or animal could have gotten it, but the noise persisted. I opened the bag and shifted around its contents and saw nothing but seeds, pellets and corn. The noise persisted for a few more minutes after that. It was unmistakabley the sound of a rat eating. The chk-chking of its teeth cracking seeds, the sound of chewing- all so familiar from the years of having rats.
We can think of no possible explination other than it would seem that, for whatever reason, one of our rats decided to come back for a quick bite. Our old rat food bag was haunted.
This was a one time occurance, and has yet to happen again, but the bag still sits on the shelf and I'm loathe to throw it away.
Spooky, eh?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Leonard Cohen came back to bite me.

When I was not but a loopy lad, I used to make fun of my mother liking Leonard Cohen. I'd laugh at her and say all his songs are depressing and bad.
Well, after my whole Tom Waits thing, I thought I turn to some more musicians of that sort and someone suggested Cohen. I got his latest CD for christmas last year, but didn't really listen to it much, but just the other day I picked up 'The essential Leonard Cohen' 2 CD set and I must say that it very good music.
That is all.

Good bye, and be good.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


So I've been playing over at Isketch and I've noticed something... Americans are stupid.
ISketch is basically a giant online version of Win Lose or Draw, as in you get a word and have to draw it while other people try and guess what it is. I've tried playing in the US rooms and the UK rooms and have found that I can kick the pants off the US rooms (or at least get second or third place) but in the UK rooms I'm way down at the bottom of the list.
Also in the UK rooms the spelling is very nice and nobody really acts like a giant jerk, while in the US rooms the spelling is terrible and most everyone is a giant jerk.
Now, this is all just from my experienced playing it for just a day, so I might be totally off base.
that's about all for now.
Go play some Isketch, its pretty fun.

Oh, and to the left are some drawings I did last night. My tablet has been on the fritz, but it seemed to be back to normal, so I drew some lovely pictures.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


No longer will I refer to them as 'spammers' because it's an insult to spam.
'Spum' is now the word I use.
Lemme go check to make sure 'spum' isn't a bad word or something.... No, I seem to be safe.
Within five minutes of my last post, I got a 'yer blog rocks follow this link' comment.
So I turned on that image varification thing.

Ummm... I think I need to write something else here.

HI LIZ! How is Japan? Man, I used to think Nova Scotia was far away, but Japan? Thats... wow! Really far.
Say 'Hi' to the Japanese people for me!

A strange breed of dinosaur indeed.

It's called the Ratasaur. Believed to have lived sometime between 65 Million years ago and last tuesday, the Ratasaur was a curious beast, posesing the looks of both a rat and a dinosaur.


An adorable chap, if I do say so myself.

All about Fruit Flies

It would seem that fruit flies only come from Mommy and Daddy fruit flies, not from magic. I didn't actually try my experiment, but I did look up information on the internet about fruit flies. Everything I found said that even though it seems like magic they actually just come from eggs and wiggle into peoples' crispers.

And the internet doesn't lie.

There's also this really cool way to trap fruit flies. You take a bottle and put some banana in the bottom, then roll up some paper in a funnel shape and stick it in the neck of the bottle. TA~DA! Fruit Fly trap. They fly in, BUT THEY CAN'T FLY OUT!

Other very important fact:
Apparently one pair of fruit flies, if given enough food and not killed, in a year can produce a dynasty of offspring that if you rolled them up in a ball they would reach all the way from the Earth to the Sun!


Here is the plan:
I'm gonna find a big abandoned building and fill it with rotten fruit. In about half a year I will easily have enough fruit flies that I can roll them up into a ball and walk across them to...
Yes my friends, no more space ships. All we need is fruit flies.
I will then train my flies to build structures upon the moon and I shall be come the Moon King, and be respected and loved by all.

Now, I just have to figure out how to make a space suit.

I had to edit this post because I spelled 'upon' wrong. Can you believe that? UPON?
I spelled it 'apon' for some reason.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Where do fruit flies come from?

I had a bit of a rotten fruit in my fridge that I kind of forgot about, and so accordingly I got a case of fruit flies.
But what I want to know is... WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? Really. Like what are the odds that one single fruit fly came into my apartment, got into the fridge, wiggled into the crisper and laid some eggs? How minute of odds is that? Is there some great cosmic program that sets this up?

10 If (Fruit = Rotten) Then spawn (Fruitflies)(50);

Or do they simply just pop up in fruit. Like once fruit becomes rotten it automatically breeds fruit flies. So here is my idea: Get an apple, put it in an air tight container. Let it rot for a few weeks and then see if there are fruit flies in it. If there are, then we know that they just magically grow out of fruit, and if there are not, then we know they just smell fruit and wiggle into peoples' crispers.

Whoo! Computer almost just crashed! Luckily I stopped it, thus not losing this post.

Anyhow, thats all for today. Maybe I'll go look up info on fruit flies and write a nice entry on them.


Monday, September 05, 2005

This is the oddest cold ever.

Like really.
It hits me yesterday and my nose is plugged up and running at the same time. I can't breath and I feel terrible.
This morning I wake up feeling pretty much right as rain except for coughing.
And you know when you're sick you cough alot because your body is trying to expel all of the snot that ran down your throat and thus sometimes you'll throw up? Well I cough, but instead of being sick all over the floor, I burp. Its odd. Like I've swallowed too much air from breathing through my mouth for a day and a half.
Odd odd odd.

-Hugs and kisses, Jeff.