Tuesday, September 13, 2005

All about Fruit Flies

It would seem that fruit flies only come from Mommy and Daddy fruit flies, not from magic. I didn't actually try my experiment, but I did look up information on the internet about fruit flies. Everything I found said that even though it seems like magic they actually just come from eggs and wiggle into peoples' crispers.

And the internet doesn't lie.

There's also this really cool way to trap fruit flies. You take a bottle and put some banana in the bottom, then roll up some paper in a funnel shape and stick it in the neck of the bottle. TA~DA! Fruit Fly trap. They fly in, BUT THEY CAN'T FLY OUT!

Other very important fact:
Apparently one pair of fruit flies, if given enough food and not killed, in a year can produce a dynasty of offspring that if you rolled them up in a ball they would reach all the way from the Earth to the Sun!


Here is the plan:
I'm gonna find a big abandoned building and fill it with rotten fruit. In about half a year I will easily have enough fruit flies that I can roll them up into a ball and walk across them to...
Yes my friends, no more space ships. All we need is fruit flies.
I will then train my flies to build structures upon the moon and I shall be come the Moon King, and be respected and loved by all.

Now, I just have to figure out how to make a space suit.

I had to edit this post because I spelled 'upon' wrong. Can you believe that? UPON?
I spelled it 'apon' for some reason.


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