Sunday, September 25, 2005

The haunting of the food bag.

We used to have pet rats. Seven of them to be exact. Quite adorable little creatures, very smart and clean. Rats only live about 3 years or less and a number months ago the last one past on. Then, about a month or two later Mel said she heard some odd noises comming from the kitchen. There was bag of rat food was still sitting in there, on a shelf, and it seemed that the noises were comming from it. We both investigated thinking that maybe that some bugs got in it or if the noise was just comming from somewhere else. Walking over we found that the bag was indeed the source of the noise, and whats more, sounded exactly like a small animal eating. I picked up the bag and looked inside. There was no movement, nor was there hole that any insect or animal could have gotten it, but the noise persisted. I opened the bag and shifted around its contents and saw nothing but seeds, pellets and corn. The noise persisted for a few more minutes after that. It was unmistakabley the sound of a rat eating. The chk-chking of its teeth cracking seeds, the sound of chewing- all so familiar from the years of having rats.
We can think of no possible explination other than it would seem that, for whatever reason, one of our rats decided to come back for a quick bite. Our old rat food bag was haunted.
This was a one time occurance, and has yet to happen again, but the bag still sits on the shelf and I'm loathe to throw it away.
Spooky, eh?


Blogger elizabeth said...

Spooky, or your place has a rat problem?

1:55 AM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

Cousin, have you disappeared...or been abducted by aliens?

5:24 AM  

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