Sunday, September 18, 2005


So I've been playing over at Isketch and I've noticed something... Americans are stupid.
ISketch is basically a giant online version of Win Lose or Draw, as in you get a word and have to draw it while other people try and guess what it is. I've tried playing in the US rooms and the UK rooms and have found that I can kick the pants off the US rooms (or at least get second or third place) but in the UK rooms I'm way down at the bottom of the list.
Also in the UK rooms the spelling is very nice and nobody really acts like a giant jerk, while in the US rooms the spelling is terrible and most everyone is a giant jerk.
Now, this is all just from my experienced playing it for just a day, so I might be totally off base.
that's about all for now.
Go play some Isketch, its pretty fun.

Oh, and to the left are some drawings I did last night. My tablet has been on the fritz, but it seemed to be back to normal, so I drew some lovely pictures.


Blogger elizabeth said...

Isketch sounds like fun cause i love win, lose, or draw. We play here at church the other night and i cleaned house. (i won) i felt good about myself

2:24 AM  

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