Tuesday, September 13, 2005


No longer will I refer to them as 'spammers' because it's an insult to spam.
'Spum' is now the word I use.
Lemme go check to make sure 'spum' isn't a bad word or something.... No, I seem to be safe.
Within five minutes of my last post, I got a 'yer blog rocks follow this link' comment.
So I turned on that image varification thing.

Ummm... I think I need to write something else here.

HI LIZ! How is Japan? Man, I used to think Nova Scotia was far away, but Japan? Thats... wow! Really far.
Say 'Hi' to the Japanese people for me!


Blogger elizabeth said...

hey cousin, totally agree about spummers...can i call them that. does it work?

it is far...can't just swim home. and i said hi to hideki...he'll have to count for Japanese people.

Love you

7:29 AM  

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