Monday, October 31, 2005

Busy Day Busy Me

I had a busy day yesterday! Well, not busy, but productive! Using a whole bunch of programs that can all be found at I began thinking up a nifty Lego set. I found a rocky base plate and thought it'd be cool to make a mountain outpost, a kind of watch tower on a path. So late yesterday afternoon I drew a prelim design and went to work. It took me most of the rest of the evening (With one stop for supper and another stop for a game of Age of Empires II) to get the rough form down, and I'm quite happy with it. Below be some pictures (clicky for biggy):

First Piccy is of my work area in MLCad. Thats where all the magic happens. The second piccy is a 3/4 front view while the third piccy is a 3/4 back view. The last picture is a prelim render of what I've got done so far, including the base plate. I hid the base plate for most of the time I was working on the tower, just because it was big and got in the way.
Tonight when I get home from work I'll finish up by making another tower for the right hand side, porbably some kind of small shack in the back and some mini-figs to guard it all! Yippy!
Catch y'all later!
Happy Hallowe'en!


Blogger elizabeth said...

i love the castle

word verification: foxhfyd -a type of foxhole in a mountain?

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