Sunday, October 16, 2005

A little more bknwiq if you please...

So I've started working on a game I've been planning for almost 2 years now.
Its called 'Have Inventory - Will Travel". You play as an adventurer for hire named Willem Travail who gets... hired to save the Kings daughter from a dragon. It sounds horrible cliché but don't you worry, it'll be a g'dun.
Working on some basic sprites now and then I'll move to the backgrounds and if all goes well I'll have the intro done within the week. Huzzah! But thats the easy part, Then I've got a lot of work to do making the rest of the game. Whoo! I hope I can stick to it this time!
<- Clicky on the piccy to see some rough spritidity of the King and the main character, Willem.
The word 'bknwiq' will appear in the game as often as I can manage it.
The whole opening has been written out along with a detailed outline of the puzzles for the first part of the game. Anything after that I'm still working out. The second part of the game is milling around in my head, but I really think I should have the whole game planned out before I start making to much.
So, good luck to me!


Blogger elizabeth said...

glad to see the creativity flowing. And you were right, i couldn't write cause there was something on my mind.

could i get a def for bknwiq? And i do want to play this when your done.

2:35 AM  

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