Monday, December 19, 2005

Being Helpful.

Today at work Mel helped a lady find some polish remover. The lady was all the way in isle 14 and the remover was in isle 8, so Mel thought it'd be kind of her to actually take the woman and show her where it was (the remover is also in a kind of obscure spot on the bottom of a display). After doing so our boss, Lori, takes Mel aside and tells her (rather meanly) that she is NOT to take costomers to product, she is just supposed to point them in the direction of where they want to go.
The reason? Because a lost costomer milling through the store looking for some product is more likely to find some more things to buy along the way.
Cripes this makes me feel dirty.
"No sorry, I can't show you where that is, but I can gesture to an isle so that you can get lost and frustrated and maybe buy one or two more things along the way."
More likely they'll just leave because the store is so busy right now, rather than try and fight the crowds looking for nail polish.
So shop at Dollarama everybody! We can promise you half-assed costomer service.


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That has been my general experience

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