Saturday, December 10, 2005

The terrible slaughtering of Christmas songs.

A 10 part epic mini-series.
Well, no, not really.
At work we listen to the local lite music station and what with Christmas sneaking up on us like a thief named Gerret, the radio station is playing X-mas tunes here and there.
And for the most part they're terribe X-mas tunes.
Not wanting to seem old fashioned the station has opted to play newer artist's songs being both origional and re-recorded classics. The problem is all these new artists are killing christmas. They try to sing everything so slow, heartrenchingly, and soulfully. I heard a version of Jingle Bell Rock the other day that lacked a tempo. It was this awful soft-rock piece of crap that took all the fun and merriment out of the song. I want happy Christmas songs! HAPPY! I wanna be singing along and dancing! Not all sad and depressed!
Why is this a trend? Its hard to be productive at work when they're pumping slow plodding songs through the speakers.
I gotta find our Bing Crosby tape. Its gotta be around here someplace...

P.S: Mr. Tumnus is AWESOME!


Blogger elizabeth said...

I feel for you. Take over the air waves and play good stuff!!! Power to the workers!!!

Word verification: uugbg, the lack of being Christmassy in the musical world

7:37 AM  

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