Monday, February 20, 2006

My other journal.

I made a Live Journal account 3 years ago or something.
I just remembered about it.
Wow, eh?
Have some PUBLIC DOMAIN THEATRE! Public domain theatre was started by my Internet friend James. You take old comics and erase the text and make up your own stories! Its so fun!
Here we have Iron Jaw (who is really a bad guy) and Crime Buster (who's the hero of the actual comic). The thing is is that the guy that made the comic had Iron Jaw as such a moron, I felt sorry for him and turned him into the hero. James made a great comic that showed how Crime Buster is just a big jerk, but I can't be arsed to find it.

I went to the bank

I went to the bank to deposit a check. The check was in Mel's name, but we got a joint accound with TD so I figured I could deposit it, since Mel had an uber-unky tummy at the time.
Sure enough it was fine and dandy like unto sour candy for me to deposit this check. It was, however, in American funds and the lady at the counter had to take a few minutes to work out all of the official crap she had to do with it. I had no problem with that. It had to be done, and I knew there was no way around it. It took maybe three minutes for her to sort it all out. No big deal.
But she kept appologizing the WHOLE time. "I'm sorry this is taking so long..." and whatnots. It actually got kind of annoying, until I realized that she was scared. She was scared that since this was taking a bit of time I might fly off the handel and start making a scene. You know, you've seen those kinds of people in line ups. The whole world is against them and every little incovienience they come across they dump upon the poor person behind the counter, Like it's their fault. And this happens to much that this poor lady is basically pleading with me not to get mad at her.
Isn't that sad? What kind of world is this where people behind counters have to be affraid of their costomers? Can't we all just have a little patience and understanding?
No, of course not.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Pictures I drew at some point!

So anyway... I made two sandwiches when I came home today because I felt very hungry. I ate them both, and still have room for supper!
Uh.... TV TALK!
I do not have cable. I haven't had cable for something like 3 years now. And from what I hear them talk about on the radio at work, it doesn't seem that I'm missing much. TV just either A) Doesn't appeal to me anymore, or B) Just out-and-out sucks right now.
I'm gonna go with option 'B)' because I still enjoy watching TV via shows released on DVD, Like Batman and Gargoyles and M*A*S*H.
TV nowadays seems to be so much FLASH-BANG-GRAB-ARGUE-TITS-FIGHT. I dunno what the really means, but it seems to sum up TV for me right now.
Well I gotta go. Apparently Blogger is gonna be down at 7pm PST for fixing stuffs.
I dunno what I am. EST? I think so.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Far too late to join the party...

Since I'm probably one of the few people who HASN'T drawn Bat Girl in their blog, I most humbly submit the following picture:
Click on it for biggerness! Fight Crime Barbara! FIGHT IT!
(In case yer wondering, a few weeks back there seemed to pop up a theme of people with blogs drawing Bat Girl. I'm giving into peer pressure!)

I think I should start drawing more and turn this into one of them 'sketch blog' things. Do a search for sketch blogs, you'll find some really amazing artists.

P.S. Go out and find the brand new Klaatu album 'Sun Set 1973-1981' It's a two disc set with un-released and alternate versions (like origional demo tapes and such) of Klaatu's songs! ITS TOTALLY AWESOME! Each CD is packed with like 77 minutes of music! The set also comes with TWO booklets detailing Klaatu's past and such. YIPPY!