Monday, February 06, 2006


Pictures I drew at some point!

So anyway... I made two sandwiches when I came home today because I felt very hungry. I ate them both, and still have room for supper!
Uh.... TV TALK!
I do not have cable. I haven't had cable for something like 3 years now. And from what I hear them talk about on the radio at work, it doesn't seem that I'm missing much. TV just either A) Doesn't appeal to me anymore, or B) Just out-and-out sucks right now.
I'm gonna go with option 'B)' because I still enjoy watching TV via shows released on DVD, Like Batman and Gargoyles and M*A*S*H.
TV nowadays seems to be so much FLASH-BANG-GRAB-ARGUE-TITS-FIGHT. I dunno what the really means, but it seems to sum up TV for me right now.
Well I gotta go. Apparently Blogger is gonna be down at 7pm PST for fixing stuffs.
I dunno what I am. EST? I think so.



Blogger elizabeth said...

yeah, pictures and post. i am a happy girl.
i only get japanese tv. i miss the classics. when i visit next, when ever that will be could i watch the gargoyles?

10:37 AM  

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