Sunday, February 05, 2006

Far too late to join the party...

Since I'm probably one of the few people who HASN'T drawn Bat Girl in their blog, I most humbly submit the following picture:
Click on it for biggerness! Fight Crime Barbara! FIGHT IT!
(In case yer wondering, a few weeks back there seemed to pop up a theme of people with blogs drawing Bat Girl. I'm giving into peer pressure!)

I think I should start drawing more and turn this into one of them 'sketch blog' things. Do a search for sketch blogs, you'll find some really amazing artists.

P.S. Go out and find the brand new Klaatu album 'Sun Set 1973-1981' It's a two disc set with un-released and alternate versions (like origional demo tapes and such) of Klaatu's songs! ITS TOTALLY AWESOME! Each CD is packed with like 77 minutes of music! The set also comes with TWO booklets detailing Klaatu's past and such. YIPPY!


Blogger elizabeth said...

thats the first batgirl i've seen.
like the sketch idea, esp if it means that you'll post more often

loves ya cuz

7:36 AM  

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