Sunday, March 26, 2006

I quit my work!

After four and a half years, I decided I had too much of Dollarama. No longer am I employed in their sordid ranks. Feels kinda weird. 4 and a half years? Ugh. Kind of a sad thing, isn't it?
I went to highschool for 4 years. I learned so much there, but at a dollar store... didn't learn much.
The real world sucks. Working stinks. Blah. Gotta get a new job now. Hopefully with a company that hasn't expanded past what they can resonably deal with. Oh well.
I'm proud of Melly, though! She quit her job a few of months ago and the very next day walked down to Theatre Aquarius and got her foot in the door for a job! After a couple weeks of "We're pretty sure you've got it" she got the call and became the stage technician for one of the plays in the studio theatre. Her two week stint doing that went well, and they've hired her on for a rental thats comming up and NOT ONLY THAT but she's going to be given the Studio Theatre technician contract for next year! She'll tech-monkey all the shows. In addidtion she may even be assisting the lighting tech for the main theatre shows. Hurray!
So I hope me quiting goes as well for me as it did for her.

Hmmm... image upload isn't working.
No picture today, sorry!

HEY! I watched Wallace and Gromit CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT yesterday!
Its the best!


Blogger elizabeth said...

i miss you. glad you quite sounds like a good choice. yeah for mel. and what as the thing i was suppose to be keeping my eyes open for?

2:27 AM  

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